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  1. What web browsers does Banif@st work with?

    The Banif@st service works on all known web browsers to date.

  2. What is Banif@st?

    Banif@st is an easy to use online banking service. It is easily accessible and has been designed to suit our customers. Its features allow you to conduct virtually all of your day-to-day banking requirements in the comfort of your own home or office.

  3. What can I do with Banif@st?  

    Banif@st allows you to conduct virtually all of your day-to-day banking requirements. Banif@st users can view balances and review transactions (past or pending) on their current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, credit facilities & term deposits.

    Along with checking balances and transactions, Banif@st users may also open Term Deposit accounts within minutes as well as change existing maturity instructions.

    Banif@st users also have the ability to transfer money between their own accounts as well as to any other third party bank accounts whether they are Banif accounts, other local bank accounts or international bank accounts.

    Banif Bank?s Banif@st also allows users to pay their Bills and Utilities in a few easy steps.

    Managing credit cards is made easy through Banif@st where users can view their accounts and transactions, make extra payments into their credit cards, request changes in their credit limits and payment percentages as well as apply from a number of benefits that come with being a Banif Bank Gold Card holder.

    Other services available with Banif@st are; ordering and stopping of cheques, request meetings to begin applying for loans, downloading current and savings account statements, ordering foreign currency as well as the ability to view foreign exchange rates.

  4. How do I apply for Banif@st?

    Applying for the Banif@st service is easy. All you need to do is visit one of our branches, fill out a Banif@st application form and select your username.

    You should receive your password and confirmation key in the post shortly after applying. Upon receiving this information you are simply required to call Banifone on free phone 8007 3200 in order to activate your account.

    If you do not have an account with Banif Bank, you would be required to open one before applying for the Banif@st service, so do not forget to take your ID Card with you when you visit your branch.

  5. How much does the Banif@st Internet Banking service cost?

    Banif Bank offers its clients the use of the Banif@st Internet banking service for free and without any hidden charges.

    Some transactions that can be executed through Banif@st, such as SEPA transfers, may carry a charge however this is not because these transactions are being effected through our Internet banking service.

    For more information, kindly refer to our Tariff of Charges by clicking the link below:

    Banif Tariff Of Charges